When swimming under the sea for hours at a time, it's necessary to have make-up that stays on and hydrates your skin while doing so.  Unlike other make-up that you've tried that claims to be waterproof and last all day, SeneGence ACTUALLY stays on in the water and lasts until you take it off.  By molecularly bonding to your skin, SeneGence provides hydration, UVA/UVA protection, and anti-aging properties so you can be a youthful mermaid (or human) for years to come.  With natural elements like algae extract, volcanic ash and coconut oil, these products have been tested and approved for mermaids by mermaids.  Not out at sea?  Land-locked?  No problem!  This make-up is light on your face and doesn't cause break-outs and does not need to be re-applied throughout the day.  If you would like to join Mermaid Linda Stephanie's beauty team to get special discounts and promotions, contact Mermaid Linda Stephanie to get more info.     


atlanta, ga

A Siren's Secret to Beauty and Health

Mermaid approved make-up!

​Vegan and Cruelty-Free make-up and skin care; waterproof and long-lasting